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Examples of what you might like the consultation to include:


  • Participation via online meeting with school speech-language pathologist to share summary of evaluation and treatment plan at CFC, and review current school-based IEP goals and treatment approach (60 minutes total, including recommended further collaboration-consultation if warranted)

  • Provide basic educational training regarding the CFC philosophy of evaluation and treatment of fluency disorders  in order to enhance your child’s therapeutic experience within the school setting, including assistance regarding writing relevant and measurable school-based treatment goals & progress rubrics specifically related to your child’s current needs.  (90 minutes)

  • Consult with the school speech-language pathologist on a 6-8 week basis to review progress, concerns, and update treatment as indicated. (15 minutes per check-in)

  • Meet with your child’s classroom teacher (other teachers, coaches, family members, etc.) to educate him/her/they/them about your child’s present stuttering and  (15-30 minutes)

  • Meet with your child’s (psychologist, OT, etc) to educate him/her/they/them about your child’s present stuttering and ways to support him/her/they ways to support him/her/they across team members and treatment plans.  (15-30 minutes).


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